Trail Boss BBQ Sauce

Trail Boss Barbecue Sauce™​ is our flagship sauce.  It is the first off the production line, and is available for purchase now!  It has been tested extensively by focus groups and has received great acclaim.

Trail Boss Barbecue Sauce™ is a tribute to the old west cattle drive days.  It has a hint of sweet and just the right amount of heat, with a robust flavor that evokes images of the campfire at the end of a hard day on the trail.

A secret ingredient subtly blends all the flavors to produce a broad, delicious tasting barbecue sauce, with an old west campfire flavor.  It's perfect for beef, pork, chicken...even hot dogs cooked in beer!

Borrowing a technique used by chuck wagon cooks, Trail Boss Barbecue Sauce™ contains a healthy dose of strong brewed coffee.  Rather than imparting its own flavor, the coffee serves to meld all the other flavors together, producing a unique, flavorful sauce that enhances any meal cooked in a smoker, on the grill, over an open fire or even in the oven.

It is now available for purchase by calling us or emailing us. Online ordering will be available shortly, and we are currently in discussions with numerous retailers. Sign up for our email list so you'll know when and where it becomes available locally for purchase.